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Responsive design and web development for small businesses using reliable open source systems.

Take the space to build a brand

Open Ground is the vast opportunity of ways to share your big idea with the world. We exist for the product, service or organization that needs its message enriched. So many channels out there to reach people. You just have to decide where you want to play. Get support in setting up a web presence with a professional look. Or it might just be that advice you need to unlock the good plans you already have.

Discover the areas of influence for reaching new customers.
Traverse the space, own it, learn all you can.
Create everything you need and put it into play.

Homemade with care in St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri has always been where small town enthusiasm intersects with big city inspiration. And the world notices how many great people this big town develops. It's a particularly a fine place for building businesses, which is the area where we provide support. Reputations and values matter around here, and so does cooperation to create things bigger than yourself. Niches can be carved here. We call it home.

Contact Open Ground

It's easier to put the question out there than be concerned about whether or not something will work. Let us know what you are looking to do. In a few days we'll get our contact form. In the meantime use the phone and email address.

Call 314-398-9556

Call or email to get any questions answered. We look forward to working with you. Look out for new features being implemented on this site over winter 2015.